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The American Kennel Club Announces 2015 Breeder of the Year by Sport

- Spaniel Field Events Rumi & Mike Schroeder, WI English Cockers -

Meet Our Champions


FC Crayford Kennie of Kingcott MH "Frank"
In Memory of
May 1998 - September 2010


FC AFC Fallen Wing's Elvis MH
3rd Place Cocker National Championship 2009

4th Place Cocker National Championship 2006
High Point Amateur Dog 2010

FC Fallen Wing's Whitney Morgan MH
Owner: Deb Stroh

FC Fallen Wing's Black Jackie SH MH WDX
Owner: Ellen Dryke

FC Deanbank Maggie Kate MH "Maggie"
Owners: Mike and Rumi Schroeder
In Memory of
May 1999 - September 2012

FC Fallen Wing's Cricket
Owners: John and Chris Dart

AFC Fallen Wing's Heather Mist SH
Owners: Gunther and Barb Boettcher

FC Chara Cole Queen of Meadow
Owner: Mike Ludwig

AFC Fallen Wing's Grasshopper
Owners: John and Chris Dartt

FC Fallenwings Sargeant Pepper SH
Owners: John and Chris Dartt

FC AFC Fallen Wings Piasa Belle
Owner/Hander Ray Takmajian

FC Scrabble of Fallen Wing's SH "Scrabble"

FC Fallen Wing's Kestrel "Suzy"

FC Fallen Wing's Lisa Marie "Lisa"



FC Bueller's Day Off of Fallen Wing's
High Point Puppy 2011
2nd Place 2012 National Cocker Championship


FC Fallen Wings Stonewalker Jazzman "Duke"
Owner: Hudson Nichols

FC Fallen Wings Liza of Stonewalker "Liza"
Owners: Kim and Bethann Wiley


AFC Fallen Wings ZZB of Furlong "Zac"
Owners: Stephan and Karen Rodock


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